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WaveFax Fax Server is a system installed in a local area network (LAN) server, composed of Fax Server software and Fax Board. With WaveFax Fax Server, users whose computers are attached to the LAN can send and receive faxes via desktop client, web client, Email client, or business applications. WaveFax Fax Server provides a wide variety of module with all the possible functions that can meet the requirements of any organization.
  WaveFax Carried Grade Fax Server
WaveFax Carried Grade Fax Server is ideal for internet service provider, telecom operators, and enterprises which have a high volume of fax to process. Help organizations to establish a high-performance fax service operation platform which provide users send, receive and manage faxes on it. WaveFax provides unrivaled reliability, processing capability, scalability, and flexibility.
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  WaveFax Enterprise Fax Server
WaveFax Enterprise Fax Server is ideal for large & medium-sized enterprises that require an outstanding processing capacity, security, reliability, and functionality. Provides enterprise-wide faxing, supports enterprise-level database, with ability to user right management, enables outstanding processing capability in concurrent processing performance and document conversion, assures powerful reliability with Clustering Load Balancing and Distributed Architecture, integrates with business applications system to automate the fax sending and receiving process.
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  WaveFax Business Grade Fax Server
WaveFax Business Grade Fax Server is a system ideal for small & medium-sized companies and departments. Supports Windows platform, equips with an onboard lightweight database, with ability to the function of Workflow Signature and Approval, provide an excellent functional scalability and system reliability which can meet the development needs. User is able to send, receive, and manage faxes via web client, desktop client, or Email client.
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  WaveFax Economy Grade Fax Server
WaveFax Economy Grade Fax Server is ideal for departments in small & medium-sized companies whose require a lower reliability standard in a cost-effective price. Supports Windows platform, equips with onboard lightweight database. User is able to send, receive, and manage faxes via web client, desktop client, or Email client to reduce the cost, increase efficiency, and abandon the unreliable way for manual distribution and delivery.
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